I See Your Dream Job

Sue’s Book – I See Your Dream Job

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This timely and groundbreaking book is for anyone in a dead-end job, stuck in a rut, or out of work.

“A truly inspirational and uplifting book that awakens your inner guidance and encourages you to fulfill your divine purpose on this planet.”
– Eugene Ebner, founder of Angels Unite Worldwide

“For anyone who is struggling with their career path and frustrated with a lack of purpose in their life, Sue Frederick has written a book exclusively for you. I See Your Dream Job is truly one of a kind and a must-read for everyone who would like a step-by-step approach to discovering their life’s purpose. Sue is a gifted intuitive and teacher, and this book provides the guidance to get your life back on track.” – Leslie Gail, personal life coach and author of Life Simplified

“Sue’s uncanny wisdom, insights, and compassion will lead you deep inside yourself where your true work lies. Supporting you in overcoming fear, in finding your own vision and hearing your own voice, she’ll guide you on the path to finding work that you love. This book is a must-read.” – Katherine Dreyer, CEO and cofounder, ChiLiving, Inc. and coauthor of ChiRunning and ChiWalking

“In I See Your Dream Job, Sue Frederick gives you the tools, the roadmap and the license to discover, and expedite the journey to a more meaningful life, one crowded with gifts, synchronicity and service. This book is revolutionary, imploring us to find a new destination: where the mind meets the heart in the soul of work. This book’s time is now!” – Bibi Gaston, Author, The Loveliest Woman in America

Have you ever wondered what you were truly meant to do in life? Have you ever felt that you were on the wrong path? Have you ever dreamed of doing something different?

In this first-ever book to combine ancient mystical teachings with current career knowledge, Sue Frederick reveals how to read destiny clues, tap into your own intuitive guidance, and create a practical plan for moving forward. She illuminates the negative patterns stopping you in your tracks and shows you how to remove them. You’ll walk away with a fresh perspective on your life’s direction and a realization of how powerful you truly are.

Letter From Sue

I’m happy to tell you that after years of intense work and study, my new book I See Your Dream Job is finally available. This book enables anyone to follow a process that clearly reveals the work they came here to do, the hidden meaning of their lifelong dreams and feelings, and what to do next in order to move forward powerfully.

I wanted to give all of you a way to “see” your dream jobs and remember your soul’s true intention for this lifetime. This book does it – and it’s cheaper than a session with me or any career counselor/coach. I hope you’ll buy your copy of this book and share it with friends and family who may be struggling to find direction. It truly is the culmination of everything I’ve learned in this lifetime – and it will leave you feeling energized, inspired, and focused on your future.

Many blessings,
Sue Frederick