We Can Stand Up Without Hating on Each Other

sueattrumptowerThe challenge of our human journey is to be in it and above it at the same time. To see the perfect divine order of every moment unfolding and to also passionately feel every moment of it. To live with both perspectives in our hearts at the same time.

This revolutionary moment in human history will be looked back upon as a great moment of enlightened change and awakening in our country. I’m proud to take a stand on the right side of history – to protest bigotry, discrimination and greed. I marched against the Vietnam war and against racial discrimination in the 60s. And I’m proud to stand up again. I’m too old to watch this unfold without aligning with what feels important and true in our evolutionary journey as humans.

This is a tipping point in our consciousness and I’m grateful to still be here as an active part of this transformative moment.

Last weekend I taught my Divine Lens workshop at the New York Open Center and we explored Trump, Hillary and Bernie’s soul missions and soul agreements to see how we arrived here – and it helped all of us step above the intense anger and grief to see it as divine order unfolding – a step towards waking us all up.

Everything must be revealed to be healed. It was an uplifting, loving and inspiring workshop where we all connected on this viewpoint no matter our political views.

When it was over I walked up fifth avenue and stood in protest in front of Trump Tower knowing that it was important to stand up for the light of higher consciousness. I did not yell with hatred or feel anger. I felt love and solidarity with everyone I stood beside.

My heroes are Martin Luther King, Jr and Mahatma Gandhi who also did this non-violent protesting which brought us to tremendous change and growth. We can all do this while holding love and inspiration in our hearts.

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Be the Player on the Stage We Can’t Forget…

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Excerpt from Your Divine Lens:
There’s no joy without pain – no pain without joy – when all is said and done. We have to love the play for what it is – a textbook of mastery for our divine evolution.

Of course, like you, I long to step away from the pain and live in the bliss – meditating on my porch while a summer breeze stirs my heart and I cry from the beauty of a tree in the morning sun; the perfect dance of light and dark; the brilliance of a mourning dove’s sweet song; the song that wakes us up from the bliss of higher realms.

In a moment of sudden panic at the airport, I hold my daughter forever, kiss her lovely forehead and never let her go. I stop her from walking towards the gate away from me. Then, like mothers do, I blow her a kiss good-bye as she disappears from view. She too needs to see the beauty and the horror side by side.

We all must sip from this potent brew or there’s no need to be here. It’s the play and the play’s the thing. And when you take your final bow, it matters how honestly you spoke your lines, how bravely you faced the audience; if you played your role with every ounce of heart you could muster.

It matters how true your words rang out into the night – filling the audience with hope, sorrow and understanding; your poetry drifting into a moonlit sky.

But the play’s the thing. And it gets me out of bed. It’s the thing that holds us together waiting for the divine reveal. We hope for one word of unbroken truth to fall into our hearts and touch us so deeply that for a brief instant we remember who we are and leap to our feet shouting “Bravo!!”

For that one moment, we see the perfection of horror and beauty. We understand the play of light and shadow; and it illuminates us.

Only at the final curtain call can we say it was terrible and wonderful and that we’re glad we came – that the story was worth it. And the script was brilliant.

Be the player on the stage we can’t forget. Pull the naked truth from your heart and lay it on the stage for all to see. Speak your untarnished wisdom that wakes us up for a brief instant of shared illumination. Because you are divine and nothing can stop you.

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