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Self Doubt: How The Ego Lens Destroys Confidence

When we think of being in our ego state, we imagine this means that we’re overly confidant, arrogant, and boastful. It’s the opposite of this. When we’re using the ego lens to view our world, to view any situation, we’re looking at ourselves and others as limited beings with limited potential, competing to survive. The ego lens tells us we need to struggle to get what we need because there’s never enough to go around and we’re never good enough to get it done – so we must be better than everyone else to succeed. The ego lens thrives on seeing differences.

When you allow this view to dominate your life, you pull the plug on your inner wisdom – the source of your personal power. This drains your energy and leaves you defeated and exhausted. The stress of having to be “the best” – which your soul knows is unnecessary and impossible – will push you far from the unique path you came to experience. The ego lens hides the truth. It blocks your ability to clearly see your unique gifts or the gifts of others.

Our ego lens only sees the surface of life. Our divine lens makes no assumptions. It reveals the deeper truth behind every story, the pain hidden in each misbehavior, the soul journey behind every wounded personality. It reveals similarities rather than differences. The divine lens is your prescription for compassion. It aligns you with your soul’s wisdom and empowers you to be your greatest self.

The divine lens reveals that you’re perfectly who you’re supposed to be at this moment – which is exactly as powerful, beautiful and brilliant as you’re meant to be today. This perspective allows you to shine – even when your mind tells you that you’re inferior, powerless, or not good enough.

The divine lens illuminates each moment of your life with wisdom; it pours light into your wounds. It fills every dark space with love. Wearing your divine lens, you understand that the gifts of others are perfectly unique to them and what their soul came to accomplish. You see that you’re absolutely radiant when you speak your soul’s truth, share your wisdom, and speak from your heart – not your mind.

Never doubt that your soul would put you anywhere anytime but exactly where you’re meant to be for your highest good and the good of others. Your task is to embrace each painful moment and flip it into gratitude for the gift of what you’re learning and the gift of knowing that divine order is already helping you move through this perfectly designed lesson.

Whenever you call out to your highest self for guidance, you open to source energy and flawless wisdom. You open your channel of inspiration. Divinity pours through you.

Then you become the goddess, the prince, the golden child. All meaningless ego comparisons fall away, seem ridiculous. You carry the light within. You get the job you’re not qualified for, the standing ovation, the partner you thought would never notice you. Your work, which is your holy sacrament, shines with resonance.

This is divine lens living. At it’s finest. And it’s available to you 24/7. Just for the asking.