What I’ve discovered is that many people have never had anyone see them as their highest self. Most of us are given a vision of our imperfections and weaknesses early on by family, teachers and friends. Much of psychology is still focused on finding someone’s weakness; diagnosing it as a disease and medicating it – rather than seeing it as part of their gift and purpose here.

I believe that I’m successful in my career intuitive coaching business because I naturally see people as their greatest selves. I truly believe that we’ve all come here to live up to a great potential and do magnificent work in the world – using our unique gifts and talents.

I give people a vision of who they came here to be – fulfilling their greatest potential in life and work. I refuse to focus on their fears or flaws. This allows them to live up to this shared vision.

But every moment here is a choice point. Our free will gets to make the choice of stepping up to our divine potential or living in fear and doubt. Daily spiritual practice allows us to quiet the mind of fear and doubt and open the heart – which gives us access to our inner guidance and the voice of our divine self – urging us forward.

When was the last time that someone held a vision for you as your perfect most divine expression of self?

How did that feel?

Let me hold a vision for you of your highest self and your greatest work. Let’s work together…

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