LOVE is the energy we swim in, the fabric of our divine universe, and the essence of our DNA. Yet today you may find yourself feeling alone, unloved, or afraid–lost in the struggle of your life.

How did this happen to you? When did you lose your connection to love and grace? Why are you alone when you came here to share your life with a soul mate?

Perhaps you’ve forgotten how this all began–that you came here on purpose to play in liquid love, bathe in the soup of divine energy, and manifest your sacred work. You knew the moment you were born that you were a superhero on a journey to change the world–with unlimited gifts to help you get it done.

Your pain and loneliness today is because you’ve forgotten that mission–like an explorer who gets lost in the jungle without a map. Yet the sacred map is still inside of you. I’ll teach you to access that map and find your way.

Let’s step back and take a good look at you. Put down the burdens you’re carrying. Take the heavy load off your back. Shake off the pain and disappointments that weigh you down. Cry if you need to. Just let it go…

True love IS waiting–but you have to reclaim YOU to find it.

Don’t worry; you are not facing an impossible task. I recognize where you’ve been and the challenges you’ve faced. I see pain in your eyes and hear the fear in your voice. I feel your loneliness–but I also see your amazing beauty, your limitless power, your astounding genius, and the great work you came to share with the world. It takes my breath away.

When you’re back on path, your soul mate will stand beside you, fulfilling the agreement you made long before this lifetime began. Yes, I see your soul mate–standing just behind you– waiting in the wings for you to remember your mission.

Heartbreak and loneliness occur NOT because of what anyone else has done to you, not because you’re unattractive, and not because there aren’t enough single people your age. You’re not flawed, unlovable, or unlucky in love. A random tragedy did not ruin your life. No one unjustly stole your love away. There are no outside circumstances keeping you from finding true love. Only YOU stand in your way.

You ARE here on purpose to accomplish a powerful mission! You intended to be a fierce genius using your boundless gifts in your work–changing this world for the better.

You made agreements with all the important players in your drama before you got here–even in those relationships that have wounded you. Those agreements occurred to serve your highest good–to help you find your way.

This loneliness and pain is a tiny moment in the vast journey of your soul. It’s your wake-up call. It’s nudging you to turn your life in a powerful new direction and reclaim your soul power.

Perhaps your zealous grip on mundane reality has blocked your intuition. Our world’s negative viewpoint may have sucked the life force from you. Quit focusing on your flaws, and focus instead on your gifts and what you came to offer! Stop talking about what’s wrong with the world, and ask how you can help raise the consciousness of the planet with your talents and wisdom.

Turn out the lights, unplug the TV, take down the mirrors, and take a long look at yourself. You may be attractive, sexy, fun, and smart, but what hides beneath?

Are you anything like the sweet, open-hearted, loving soul you were when you started this journey? It’s time to reclaim that divine essence, your true loving nature, and become who you came here to be–the hero of your story.