Loving the Valleys

When we’re at the top, the peak of a cycle, and all is well, we often forget about our Divine Lens view. We’re content to see life as a physical world because we’re happy and enjoying ourselves.

When we hit a valley, a great loss, illness or heartbreak, we struggle and suffer– until we finally reach for our Divine Lens and remember the gift of the lesson; remember our soul’s wisdom.

This is the purpose of the “valley” – to remind us of what’s important and who we really are.

Once we love the valley, cherish our Divine Lens view and embrace the lesson, we find ourselves happy again and moving forward with another peak in view ahead of us.

This is the sweet spot – still wearing our Divine Lens and yet excited to be moving forward with wisdom and grace.

If you’re in the valley today from job loss or heartbreak, look within, meditate, ask for divine guidance and listen to your soul’s wisdom. Sit still. Take a breath. You can only hear it when you’re quiet, unplugged and receptive.

Become best friends with your inner wisdom and shut out the chatter around you from friends, family and the world in general.

Once you see things from your higher self, your soul’s wisdom, not your ego mind, you’ll feel peaceful, grateful and open-hearted. This is when things will begin shifting for you.

You’ll find yourself moving forward in a new and more enlightened direction, an exciting new summit just ahead. Keep wearing your Divine Lens and cherish the wisdom you’ve gained in the valley.

From my newest book: Your Divine Lens (Release coming soon!)


  1. Monica Costan
    November 9, 2014

    While working as a Reiki volunteer at a cancer clinic many times I encountered patients that were in a “valley”. Somehow I was able to know and feel that the reason they experienced illness (different forms of cancer)was because they were not concentrating on what was really important, they did not honor who they truly were. Their ego lens were really foggy and did not let them see what was really going on; they couldn’t hear their soul’s wisdom. Your writing Sue is a confirmation of what I intuitively perceived! I am looking forward to buy your new book “Your Divine Lens”.

  2. Ann Worthington
    January 8, 2015

    I was thinking when rereading this that the Divine Lens is already there in us. It’s “The Eye Behind The Eye” that Rev Michael B Beckwith talks about. As I get quiet and go within I remove all of my “Outer Lenses” and SEE through the Divine Lens. This is when I see the REAL reality; the bigger picture. I am so grateful to recognize truth when I see it and feel it. The gratitude helps me Love the Valleys and see how perfect my ups and downs are. I can trust Life and let go of the other lenses of fear and doubt and confusion. Yay!

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