Making 2018 Your Most Awesome Year

All of your life you’ve experienced repeated nine-year cycles of reinvention. By understanding where you are now in your reinvention cycles, you can more gracefully heal your life, embrace your true work and see life from your soul’s perspective – through your Divine Lens.

Every year of your life you’ve been under the influence of a particular number – 1 through 9, 11, 22 or 33. You’re working with a different type of energy each year within a repeating nine-year cycle. These nine-year cycles are designed to move you through cycles of necessary reinvention and loss; helping you master the challenges you signed up for and accomplish the work you came here to do.

Your current personal year is determined by the single-digit numbers of your birth month and birth date added to the current calendar year and reduced to a single digit or master number.


Birthdate: Sept 15, 1951

Month: Sept = 9

Date: 15 = 6

Current Year: 2018 = 11 = 2

9 + 6 + 2 = 17 = 8

Personal year: 8

Calculate your Personal Year:

Your Birth Month:

Your Birth date:

Current year: 2018 = 11 = 2


Reduced to a single digit:

This is your Personal Year:

Meaning of the Personal Years

Personal Year 1

It’s a year to focus on YOU. It’s time to launch your business, get a new job or title, start a graduate program, or move to a new location. Everything you do this year will influence the events of your life for the next nine years. If you don’t plant seeds for a better future now, nothing will come to bloom as this cycle unfolds. Tap into all the new energy that will help you release the past and reinvent. There’s never been a better time for taking steps toward your ultimate dream. Everything revolves around you and is dependent upon you. Believe in your vision, make important decisions alone, and move forward bravely–like a pioneer.

Personal Year 2

This is your year for connecting deeply with others. Your career won’t be all on your shoulders anymore as new partners step forward to offer support for the project you started last year. It’s a slower, sweeter year, one in which you nurture what you’ve already started rather than pushing hard to launch new things. Success hinges on opening your heart, trusting your heightened intuition, and saying yes to collaboration. It’s important to be receptive. Soften the forceful energy you thrived on last year. You might feel highly sensitive now, but don’t let this get in the way of love. Your solution is to become the source of love for others–even when you’re feeling wounded. 

Personal Year 11

This is a highly charged year of personal illumination and intellectual achievement. You’ll be inspired to heal the relationships in your life and accomplish your most inspired work. Your intuition, inspiration, and artistic creativity are magnified and so is your sensitivity. Daily meditation or prayer will enhance all of your gifts and reinforce your connection to the divine. That spiritual connection is more powerful than ever this year. Use it as your source for actions. Spend time with highly evolved, conscious people who inspire you to create. Small talk and meaningless social engagements will drain you because of your heightened sensitivity. This is your best year for developing spiritual, intuitive, and artistic gifts as well as learning to love in a profoundly new way.

Personal Year 3

This is the fun, sexy, playful year to create projects for your new work. Express yourself, get into the center of things, join social groups, and entertain. Forget long-term planning and just enjoy life; don’t make important decisions about your future. Develop your skills with words–written and spoken. Life is your stage–enjoy it! Whatever you started in your 1 year through hard work and diligence is now reaping enjoyment for you. It’s a year to blossom.

Personal Year 4

It’s time to focus on your great work. Just get it done. Focus on being responsible to your career and tapping into core strengths whenever challenged. It’s a serious year to fulfill obligations, get practical and organized, and build the foundation for future growth. Create your budget and do the physical work. Get your home in order–whether that means moving, remodeling, or cleaning. Get in shape physically and cultivate strength in all areas of life. Dependability, honesty, and responsibility are required in relationship and career.

Personal Year 22

This is your best year for manifesting inspired work in the world. Anything is possible! Ignoring your work will leave you feeling off-balance, unfocused, and useless. Use inspiration as your fuel to get it all done. Don’t waste a moment going on long vacations (you won’t be able to relax). Focus on your great work and trust that love and relaxation will come later. This is a year for putting personal concerns aside and doing your best for the world at large. Make big plans and introduce changes. You’ll have the opportunity to ascend to your greatest career achievements and acquire abundant financial rewards. You’ll also feel the sting of criticism that greatness attracts. Focus on your work and keep moving forward.

Personal Year 5

This year, your charisma is amped up and your magnetism is attracting everyone–from potential partners to new business opportunities. Hold steady to your true self or you’ll get pulled off path. Be open, fearless, passionate, and free. You’ll have opportunities for expansion, adventure, and the unexpected in this turning-point year. Everything is vibrant and changing around you. Take trips (it’s time for that long vacation), investigate career opportunities, and get rid of anything or anyone that holds you back. Make room for the new. Focus on freedom and adapting to change. Enjoy this sensual year with good food, relationships, and trips to exotic places. You’ll be super-charged, attractive, and sexual. You can revive tedious relationships or work circumstances with your new energy and charisma.

Personal Year 6

This year is time of deep love and nurturing. Focus on commitment, family, and responsibility. Your heart opens wide to embrace others. Rather than focus on yourself, adjust to the needs of others. Shift away from the passionate excesses of the 5 personal year. Relationships will blossom as you nurture them with your new open-hearted energy. Reach out to understand the people in your life. Let go of superficiality and take responsibility for others. Yet don’t take on more than you can carry, or you’ll fall into depression and be overwhelmed. This is one year, though, when general harmony is more important than your own needs.

Personal Year 33

You’ll be drawn to mystical knowledge, intuition, and spiritual guidance this year. But if you’re not grounded, you could become disconnected to everyday reality. Stay away from alcohol and drugs, and meditate every day. If you embrace your higher self, it will be your most inspired year artistically. You’ll channel in genius–whether you’re an actor, musician, or artist. Your pipeline to the divine is opened up and flowing freely with spiritual and creative inspiration. Take a meditation retreat and create, create, create! Your finished product and enlightened ideas will change the world.

Personal Year 7

This is a time for deep reflection, intuitive development, and spiritual growth. Sign up for a meditation and yoga retreat together. Take meditation classes and spend a weekend in prayer and silence. Strength will only come from your connection to the divine. You may feel a bit lonely or isolated, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Use your alone time to write a book, research higher consciousness, or take a psychology class. Focus on finding your true purpose. Withdraw from the center of things; superficial social events won’t feel good. Your sensitivity and intuition is elevated, and you’ll pick up other people’s feelings everywhere you go. Refine what you started in this nine-year cycle by analyzing and perfecting projects and relationships. Your intuition will be at its most powerful–rely on it for all decisions. Pursue nothing–you’ll naturally attract what is meant to be in your life.

Personal Year 8

Money and career will be the topic of nearly every conversation. You’ll have many opportunities to make money and advance your career and that should be your focus. It’s a year to go to the bank–not the bar. Even when you go out partying, your mind will be home crunching numbers to see how you can improve your business or pay off your debts. It’s time to own your power both financially and physically. Get back into shape–financially and physically. If you wrote a book last year, this is the year to promote and sell it. If you researched and developed your new business last year, now is the time to get it funded. Physical accomplishment and material success are your focus, as you reap the seeds of success that you planted early in this nine-year cycle. During this powerful year, take command to get results. Think big, manage and direct others, move forward. Beware of abusing your power in relationships. Be patient and generous to others–even if that feels tedious.

Personal Year 9

It’s time to clean house, to surrender what you no longer need and what holds you back. Friends and lovers from the past will resurface to be examined, then kept or discarded for the next cycle. Your career will conclude the focus that it has had for the past nine years, even though you won’t see the new cycle just yet. Open your hands and let go, with faith that something new and better will arrive in your 1 year. You may even be fired or laid off. Relationships will fall away or be transformed, and you’ll grieve for your losses over the past nine years. Peace comes from higher wisdom and a greater connection to spirituality. Your insights and wisdom will be heightened. Use this awareness to benefit the people around you. Focus on artistic and spiritual disciplines, and wait for the new inspiration that begins soon in your approaching 1 year.

Using all of this information about the energy you’ll be experiencing in 2018 empowers you to ride the wave of change and move forward with confidence and grace knowing that it’s all unfolding as it should. This puts you directly in the flow of divine order – which always works for your highest good.


Sue Frederick, Author of I See Your Dream Job and Your Divine Lens

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