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Career Intuitive and Author Sue Frederick offers Free Career Readings to help people find their dream job.
BOULDER, CO – January 19, 2009

As thousands of U.S. workers face layoffs and unemployment, career intuitive and author Sue Frederick, whose work has been featured in The New York Times, is offering free career readings during media interviews. “I can see the work that people came here to do and help them make the right career choices.”

According to Frederick, founder of, “Each of us has our own inner GPS device embedded inside of us, and it’s called intuition. The career guidance that everyone is looking for right now is already inside of them. It doesn’t cost anything, and it guides them perfectly to the work they were meant to do – which is their path to success,” says Frederick. “I show people how to tap into their own intuitive guidance system.”

When your life feels like it’s falling apart and your career is slipping through your fingers, Frederick says you’re at a powerful reinvention turning point that you pre-programmed in order to get yourself to do the great work you came here to do.

“Your life is on purpose,” says Frederick. “There are no accidents. Every event and challenging circumstance has been nudging you to follow your true path and do your great work. You’re being reminded to go in a new direction that’s closer to your authentic self.”

When listeners call in during her media interviews, Frederick is able to give powerful career guidance that enables them to move forward fearlessly. During a recent radio interview, phone lines were jammed for over an hour with callers asking for career advice.

Frederick’s books such as I See Your Dream Job (St. Martin’s Press) and her career sessions and webinars available through provide powerful tools that help people align their lives with their mission to find true success and abundance.

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Suggested Interview Questions for Media
Here are some suggested questions for your interview with Career Intuitive Sue Frederick, author of I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive’s Guide to Finding the Work You Came Here to do.

1. Intuition: What is it? Are we all intuitive?
2. Why do we need to listen to our intuition? How does it help us?
3. What does our intuition have to do with our careers?
4. How do we develop our own intuition?
5. Sue, how did you find and develop your intuitive abilities?
6. Sue, you say that we all have a mission for our lifetime. Can you explain that?
7. Does our mission have to be manifested through our work/career?
8. Do I (the interviewer) have a mission? What is it?
9. Do you (Sue) have a mission? What is it?
10. How do you help clients find their life’s work?
11. How does the everyday person who is struggling to make a living benefit from knowing their mission?
12. How do they find their true work even in a bad economy?
13. How do I know if I’m already doing my true work and accomplishing my mission?
14. How do I know if I’m off-path?
15. Why do people have to keep changing or reinventing their career directions nowadays?
16. How can everyday people find work they love that also makes good money?
17. How do I help my spouse/loved one who seems very unhappy with their career?
18. What does it mean if I used to love my work and I don’t anymore?
19. What if I’ve just been fired or laid off?
20. Tell us about your book: I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive’s Guide to Finding the Work You Were Meant to do?
21. How can someone follow up with you to learn more?

Author and Career Intuitive Sue Frederick’s work, described as a “breath of fresh air” and “an enlightened new perspective,” has been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Woman’s World, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, Fit Yoga, and at venues like The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York and The Learning Annex in New York City. She’s the author of I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive’s Guide to Finding the Work You Came Here to do; Dancing at Your Desk: A Metaphysical Guide to Job Happiness, and BrilliantDay.

Six Things to do When You’ve Lost Your Job: Career Intuitive and Author Sue Frederick Offers Career Guidance
When you’ve lost your job, these simple steps offered by New York Times featured Career Intuitive and Author Sue Frederick will help you move forward to find a new and improved career.

Boulder, Colo. (PRWEB) February 10, 2009 — Career intuitive and author Sue Frederick, whose work has been featured in The New York Times, says: “If your career has recently ended, now is the time to think out of the box about what you’ve come here to do. This is your great opportunity for reinvention. In order to tap into the great abundance that still abounds on this planet, try these six steps.”

1. Tell a new story! Quit telling your sad story to everyone. Take a deep breath and recognize the gift in this opportunity to reinvent yourself. It’s not the end of your world, it’s the beginning. Quiet the fear thinking and tap into your higher intuitive self where you’ll find guidance you can trust. Say, “I’m launching a new career and I’m so excited about it!”

2. Be grateful for this opportunity to reinvent, and be honest about how unhappy and off-path you’ve been. Make a list of the secret career dreams you’ve stuffed away because you’ve been so exhausted in your old career.

3. Remember who you really are. Chances are good that you haven’t been living and working true to your authentic self and what you came here to do – or you wouldn’t have hit this bump in the road. Stop hiding. Claim your real talents and gifts and realign your work so that you’re making a living directly from those talents.

4. Look around you at this new world and ask: What needs do I see in the world that inspire me to take action, think out of the box, and use my gifts to make a difference? (Whatever idea excites you most is a clue to your next career.)

5. Stop asking: “Who do I think I am to try to a new career?” Start asking: “Who do I think I am to ignore the work I came here to do? Who do I think I am to ignore the gifts and talents I brought with me? Who do I think I am to ignore the purpose of my life story?”

6. Surrender what you know. The new direction reveals itself only when you’re open and have let go of your old story. When you have a new idea, take one baby step at a time and surrender the outcome. The rest will unfold gracefully as long as you don’t get in the way.