Remembering who you really are…

Do you tell yourself that you have to work in an industry you dislike just to get your paycheck and benefits?

Are you taking your anger out on the people you love – destroying relationships that would feed your soul simply because you’ve forgotten who you are?

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning feeling that your losses have become overwhelming and there’s just no point?

If your life today feels meaningless, or you’re not using
your talents and gifts to make a difference in the world, or your heart is
broken – you CAN change that.

You are the master of your story. You came here on purpose to make money from your highest gifts, to rise triumphantly above every loss you’ve suffered, and to help raise the consciousness of the planet by helping others. Yes, I mean YOU.

Nothing is stopping
you but the fear. And reinvention is ALWAYS required.

These steps will help

  1. Meditate
    every day
    to quiet your monkey mind (also known as your left brain) and tap
    into your higher self, expanded consciousness, divinity or whatever you’d like
    to call it.
  2. Learn to
    access and live by your intuitive guidance
    . When making a decision, picture
    your life as if that decision were already in place and notice your gut
    reaction to the image. Are you excited & energized? Does it spark joy? That
    means yes! If you feel heavy, drained or tried when you see the image, that’s a
    “no” from your higher self.
  3. Recognize
    that you signed up for the challenges you’re facing
    . What would you be
    doing differently in your life if you really believed all the challenges you
    face are on purpose to help you evolve? Make a list of what comes to you. Do
  4. Intend
    “I am using my gifts and talents with all of my passion to make the world
    a better place in my unique way.” Say those words whenever you doubt you’ll
    find your true work. When contemplating a new career, examine if the new work
    is in alignment with this statement. If so, go after it.
  5. Dream
    Pretend you have $5 million in your bank account, but you still have
    to have a career you love. Without money concerns, which career would you
  6.  Ask for dream guidance. Before falling
    asleep, ask to have a dream revealing your next career step. Keep a journal by
    your bed and write your dreams as soon as you wake-up.
  7. Stop the
    pitiful thinking.
    Your fear voice tells you all the reasons why you can’t
    do what you want to do for a living. You might think that’s being “practical”
    or “realistic.” It’s not. It’s your pitiful self abusing your powerful self.
    Choose to be your brilliant, powerful, fearless, divine self. The world will
    align itself with your dreams.

Frederick is a Career Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Grief Coach and author of 8
books including I See Your Dream Job; Bridges to Heaven; Your Divine Lens and
Water Oak. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ

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