Finding your dream job and your soul mate

Have you ever found yourself wondering “What’s my life path?” or “Am I with my soul mate?”

In a recent interview with CJ Liu we talked all about the power of inner GPS, or intuition, and what an important role your birth date is. It’s actually a gateway to figuring out both your ideal career, and your soul mate.

In this interview I share information about your life path including your career, your love relationships, and more. I also how to find your soul mate, how you may have many soul mates,  and how you know if you are with your one ultimate soul mate.

Tune in right here for all the amazing insights and what you can do right now to tap into your intuition:

11 Easy Steps to Getting Centered

It’s essential to our well-being that we learn to quiet the mind and control our thoughts. The most essential part of us – our souls, spirits, inner selves (use whatever term you prefer) is much deeper inside of us than our thoughts. We are not our thoughts.

When we need to get clarity, to make major decisions about our lives, we need to access this deeper part of ourselves which is always connected to the divine. The following exercise will help you access that place.

  1. All of us have known the experience of feeling grounded, centered and calm. We may have experienced Read more