You Still Have Something Important To Do

something-important-to-doYou still have something important to do – even if you can’t see it right now. Even when you feel lost and pointless, without direction, floating in grief – that great thing still lives inside of you. Deep down.

When the time is right and the world is ready and you’ve learned what you needed to learn – your great gift will come pouring out of you like an Arkansas Spring flood, like a hurricane downpour, unstoppable and urgent.

It will save every heart, crack the world wide apart, pour light into darkness, open minds, heal souls and change lives – especially yours.

It’s the gift you agreed to Read more

No Rose Without Thorns

Rose with thornThere’s no crazy without brilliant; no wisdom without ignorance; no love without hate; and no courage without fear.

Yet we hope to be one without the other – a rose without a thorn. We forget our agreement – to fully experience the light and the dark; to BE human.

We can’t own our gifts or our divinity without also owning our pitiful selves and our stupidity; without realizing that our mistakes are what we came here for. They’re our greatest moments of awakening.

There’s no north without south; no found without lost; no laughter without tears; and no sunrise without sunset.

We come here to feel and express it all; to move through the Read more

How to use your intuition to heal your grief and connect with loved ones on the other side

sweigh-spilkinHere’s an amazing interview with Sweigh Emily Spilkin, MA, MFA, CHT, enjoy!

Death is a unifying force, a human mystery we all face. Yet as intuitive and author Sue Frederick reminds us, death is not the end. All of us have the capacity to connect with the unseen world and with our loved ones who have died, but most of us block it. Moreover, instead of being a problem to solve or get over, our grief (along side our anger, blame, guilt, and other difficult emotions) can be used as fuel to connect with our sacred mission—who we really are and what we are here to do on the planet. Join us in this interview with Sue Frederick as we dive into the mechanics of intuition, the power of grief, and practical tools to connect with our loved ones on the other side and “bridge” heaven and earth.

Listen to this powerful interview now:

A journey through your shark infested thoughts

shark-watersThere’s a journey you have to take – a paddle to shore – a trip through your sharkinfested mind. It’s your journey from dark to light – from fear to love – from nowhere to everywhere.

Reach down now and dip your hand into those dark swirling waters. Start a ripple. Make a stir. Embrace the danger and adrenalin blending inside of you. That’s the energy of your pure life force waking up. It’s YOU moving from lost at sea to found again.

Dip in with your hand now – palm facing behind you. Wave away what’s done and gone. You will move forward. Pain is part of this ride. You knew that going in. Let divine grace push you into Read more

A Woman Looking Very Tired Approaches Me…

A woman looking very tired approaches me in the long line to get her book signed. Her girlfriend is at her side—with her arm wrapped tightly around the exhausted woman’s waist. The girlfriend tells me that this woman just lost her young son to cancer.

She’s not doing well, says the friend. “Can you see her child’s spirit?” she asks.

Yes, I sense him. He’s a bright, dancing sprite beside her, silly and giggling— pulling on her arm. But she’s defeated and heavy of heart and can’t feel it. I sense she may have a drug numbing her, a drug given by a kind doctor meaning to help. But the drug (probably prescribed for depression) prevents her from feeling her beautiful boy dancing beside her; instead, she only feels a light breeze against her skin and dismisses it.

How can I help her see him? I tell her that he’s fine and happy Read more