Pain Fuels Your Career

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here’s the secret: The more pain you feel, the more energy you have to launch your new life and a more meaningful career. See the pain as fuel – not as something that stops you from moving forward.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” Carl Jung

When you’re unhappy, it’s time to face your greatest ally – your pain. The pain you’re feeling deep inside of you is like a beacon calling for your attention. It’s telling you what you need to know so your life can improve.

Remember, everything is energy. We are made of vibrating pure energy and as we vibrate, we attract. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs create the vibrational messages that we send out. These vibrational messages either help or sabotage our efforts to have a wonderful life. And these vibrations have nothing to do with how we’re “acting” on the surface.

We may be acting like we’re fine, but the universe and everyone in it feels our true vibration of pain or joy – and that’s what they respond to. And that’s what we attract more of.

Your pain needs to be recognized, listened to, and turned into fuel to move your life forward. How do you turn your pain into fuel? First by recognizing what your greatest pain is, and then by recognizing how to heal that pain through your work – or your actions in the world.

Your work then becomes a powerful platform for healing you and healing others. Remember, the more pain you have, the more fuel you have. Consider your pain to be your greatest blessing and move forward.

Meet Sue in Raleigh, NC

See Your Life Purpose: Using Intuition to Manifest the Work You Came Here to do

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Raleigh, North Carolina 27608
Saturday, April 14th from 3 PM to 6 PM

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