Putting an end to relationship strikeout

Do you long for true love? Do you believe your soul mate is out there?

In a recent interview with Spiritual Broadcasting Network I shared some indepth information from my book I See Your Soulmate, watch the video below just hit the play button.

I hope you enjoy this interview and learn how important it is to really remember who you are and what you signed up for in order to find your true-love partner.

Grab your free chapter of I See Your Soulmate now. In this chapter you will learn:

  • A step-by-step meditation to break free from heartbreak and grief
  • How to transform your pain into fuel for a better life
  • How to access and use the most powerful tool you’ve had since you were born

What I know to be true

divine-orderDivine order rules! A doubt-inducing childhood, a sweet young husband’s early death, countless broken hearts and flawed careers, were all perfectly designed to get me where I came here to go; to help me evolve to my highest state of grace, to know God, and to become who I became. I mostly forget this.

All my prayers are heard and answered. I always forget this.

When I’m on path and in alignment with divine order, I feel of use to the greater message, the larger truth, the highest good. It moves through me like a ray of light piercing everything, a laser beam opening my heart, filling the pages of my books, conversations with clients, and classrooms where I stand in front. None of it comes from me – a flawed human like everyone else here. I just finally get out of the way.

When I forget about divine order, nothing makes sense. My sadness is Read more

Intuitive Dating

INTUITION is your gut feeling. It is, above all else, a feeling from the heart. It marinates you in confidence, wisdom, and empowerment–never in fear. It’s the connection to your true self, your raw, unrefined truth unclouded by the monkey-mind.

It’s the shimmer of a spirit in the corner when you turn your head and the dream that wakes you up and stays with you. It’s the knowingness that comes when you Read more

I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide To Finding And Keeping Love

Guest Post by: Diana Page Jordan

Listen to The Open Book with DianaPageJordan Show, where we reveal the real reason why you will meet your soul mate – and how to accelerate that process.

The Pythagoras you met in High School Math bears no resemblance to the mystical numerologist in Sue Frederick’s newest book I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love. Sue says in 580 BC, Pythagoras revealed that numbers are the gateway to understanding our soul’s mission. She says every number has a vibration, which that Ancient Greek had all figured out.

Too bad his most fascinating wisdom got stripped in the re-telling.

It sounds a bit airy-fairy, doesn’t it – you add up the numbers in your birth date, and it reveals your destiny. But, there is a definite ring of truth.

In its most simple version, you add up the birth date of the lover you desire, to learn that birth path. You add up your birth date for the birth path. Then, you add Read more