Grief pushes you into the deep ocean of your soul’s wisdom; it breaks your heart wide open.

In a dream…
I’m standing on a beach surrounded by a vast expanse of dark sand as far as I can see. Gulls are squawking in the distance. I’m looking into my father’s watery blue eyes. He’s animated and young, explaining something to me with more passion than I ever saw in the last years of his life. His brother, my beloved uncle Pete, who died soon after my dad, is standing beside us, laughing.

We’re enjoying the vivid openness of the sand and sky and sharing stories, when behind them in the distance, I see a huge tidal wave rolling along the sand toward us- maybe a hundred feet high and towering ominously over the flat landscape. We turn and see another powerful wave rolling directly toward us from the opposite direction. We’re standing between these two oncoming waves, and in an instant we realize there’s nothing we can do.

I grab their hands. “How will we remember?” I ask, staring into their eyes. “How will we find each other again?”

“Don’t worry,” answers my uncle Pete. “We always find each other.”

He shouts something else, but I can’t hear his words through the sound of the crashing waves. I wake up gasping for breath-still feeling their strong hands wrapped around mine-longing for that moment again, hearing their voices in my head, unable to get back to sleep.

Do we always find each other again? Isn’t that endless longing the tyranny of grief? Or is it simply our limited perspective on time and space? Aren’t we longing for the divine realms, where everything and everyone is luminous and connected – and aching to return to a home we can’t quite remember?

When our loved ones step into the other realms, they never fully leave us. We abandon them – by not believing they’re still with us. We stop listening. Our pain blocks them out.

Of course we’re angry that our loved ones left us alone when we needed them. And we’re angry at the doctor who didn’t diagnose it, or the drunk driver on the road that night. But mostly, we’re angry at ourselves because we might have prevented it if only we had…

Yes there’s plenty to be angry about in the physical world and life is unfair – until you realize it’s all on purpose. This tragic event is only a brief blip in your soul’s journey. Grief is in your life today to help you. It’s your divine reveal – pushing you to remember who you really are and what you came to do.

There’s no teacher as powerful as Divine Mother Grief – the spiritual master of pain and enlightenment. If you’ve chosen Mother Grief as your teacher, you’re clearly a powerful old soul who came here to do great work and to help raise the consciousness of humanity. You’re here to be a beacon of light for others. And yes, of course you’ll make your living from these gifts and find the love you crave. It’s all waiting for you to take a step in a new direction.

Let me take you on a journey to the divine. I’ll unfold your wings and help you remember how to fly. We’ll soar into the vast ocean of the higher realms. We’ll leave your pain behind.

Then you’ll remember that you came from a world of grace and light and will return to it soon enough – and that this earth-bound life is your brief dream. You’ll see your departed ones dancing in the ethers and soaring through your house like children at play.

This part here – this physical world — is the hard part. But you came here on purpose to educate yourself, expand your boundaries, and emerge brilliant and powerful. You’re not a victim – no matter how tragic your story.

When you’re stuck in your grief, your departed loved one sees you wrapped in a grey cloud of negative energy and longs to take away your pain. Grief keeps your loved one from communicating with you. It becomes a wall they can’t break through.

Those wasted days of feeling “not good enough, strong enough, smart enough” or saying “I don’t care” are when we disappoint our departed loved ones.
When you once again open your heart and trust your intuition, you’ll hear your departed speaking. You’ll embrace your spirituality and help others. You’ll walk away from the bitterness that damages your soul and separates you from love.

Mother Grief will teach you ultimately that your life must have meaning and purpose or there’s no reason to be here, and only you hold the key to finding that purpose.

If you seek only to stop the pain – your pain increases exponentially. Addictions and distractions pull you off course and make your journey harder. When you trust your higher self instead, you become a beacon of light for the world. And this is why you came here.

This painful moment is your spiritual re-awakening – provided courtesy of your higher self. It’s your moment of grace. There’s only one solution now – fulfill your soul’s mission and become the light being you came here to be. Here and now you get to choose. Everything you need is here. All is forgiven. And you – YOU are divine. And this is your moment.