reality-illusionYou don’t understand what reality is. You’ve been misled into believing that the seen world is more real than the unseen world of thoughts, beliefs and energy.

Quantum physicists remind us that at the core of all matter (which makes up our reality) are endless waves of light. They remind us that the observer (you) determines the form and shape of reality. This means that you choose your reality when you choose your thoughts and beliefs.

And, as the physicists point out, we are vibrational beings sending out frequencies which interact with other frequencies. We connect with and attract people, circumstances and opportunities that exist on the same vibrational frequency as the one we are sending out.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in misunderstanding how these things work in our world. It’s our human challenge to figure this out. All of our preciously held “realities” only exist because someone intended them into existence. What reality are you intending into existence right now?

Look closely at your life for the answers to that question. When we look at the work of quantum physicists we begin to understand how “creating your reality” works on a sub-atomic level.

What does this have to do with you? Everything…

Each time you think, “I can’t find work that I love,” or “I’ll never find true love,” or “I’m probably going to get cancer like my father,” you make it so.

Will it take mainstream science 20 years to embrace and catch up to these brave and brilliant researchers? Absolutely.

Consider this: When the natural health movement began to take root in this country, it followed the same slow path to acceptance. In the 70s, herbalists, acupuncturists, doctors of aturopathy, and homeopaths were called “quacks.” They slowly became our “alternative” healers. Today, more than 70% of Americans rely on natural medicine to supplement their healthcare. And more than 30% of conventional physicians recommend some type of natural remedies to their atients.

This revolution of the mind will take the same slow course. But you, dear reader, are on the cutting edge of this revolution and you can reap the benefits of this newfound knowledge today – in YOUR life.

Let’s begin…