The viewing of your life through ego inevitably makes you doubt yourself. If your intention is to speak your soul’s truth and share your wisdom, you’ll often be misunderstood by others. Your ego will tell you this is because you’re a loser and you’re too different to fit into or succeed in this world.

But you’re not here to be like everyone else. Once you remember that you carry a light inside of yourself that cannot be diminished, you’ll no longer doubt yourself. Your uniqueness is your gift.

Your physical self is part of the reason you struggle so much. Your body is a great
weight that you carry in this dimension. Sometimes this heaviness is too much and pulls you away from higher self.

But your body is also a great gift that can be used to connect to the divine.
There are several small steps to help lift you into the higher frequencies. These include: physical movement, getting outside in nature, laughing with others, meditation to quiet the mind, crying to release the pain in your heart, and sending compassion to those who misunderstand you.

Once you remember that you’re here to enlighten others and be the teacher, you’ll stop being disappointed in those less evolved than you. By aligning with your higher self, you’ll see the pain that others carry and you’ll become the healer. No one can wound you when you stand in alignment with your soul.

When you allow yourself to be wounded, you sink into the mud of doubt and fear, which is not where you belong and not who you came here to be.

Those less evolved are drawn to you because you carry the light inside. It’s because of your open heart, your powerful soul’s wisdom, that others who need healing show up in your life. When you allow yourself to be wounded by them, you’re throwing your gifts away.

And when they don’t react immediately as you’d hoped and step into their divine light, you feel discouraged, or worse, you feel worthless. This only hurts you and pulls you away from your divinity.

Feeling worthless and discouraged is an enormous waste of time for you and for anyone. There is no soul here who is worthless. There is no soul who has any reason to feel discouraged. All is evolving as it should. You are evolving as you should…

From my book: Your Divine Lens http://www.SueFrederick.comTEACHINGCLOSEUPPORTLAND