Guest Post by: Diana Page Jordan

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The Pythagoras you met in High School Math bears no resemblance to the mystical numerologist in Sue Frederick’s newest book I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love. Sue says in 580 BC, Pythagoras revealed that numbers are the gateway to understanding our soul’s mission. She says every number has a vibration, which that Ancient Greek had all figured out.

Too bad his most fascinating wisdom got stripped in the re-telling.

It sounds a bit airy-fairy, doesn’t it – you add up the numbers in your birth date, and it reveals your destiny. But, there is a definite ring of truth.

In its most simple version, you add up the birth date of the lover you desire, to learn that birth path. You add up your birth date for the birth path. Then, you add those two numbers together to understand the relationship path.

Sue doesn’t stop with the numbers – she mixes in intuition – and positive energy.

I’ll use my numbers as an example. My birthday is July 28, 1953. So I add 7+2+8+1+9+5+3 and get 35, which, as 3+5, reduces to 8. Here’s where it gets cool. The number eight stands for power – at the high end, using your power for good; at the low end, being abused or abusing others. My stepfather – a pedophile – sexually-abused me from the time I was four. It’s taken decades of therapy and prayer, reading books and interviewing wise people, to be healed. It is time for me to take what I’ve learned – that you can be peaceful, and whole, and enjoy balanced love. I’ve written a memoir – it’s with a New York agent, who is shopping BookMark: How Reading Saved My Life. Now, I’m on the powerful end of 8.

Sue’s book is about soul mates. Love and intuition are intertwined, Sue says. She says we have a posse of soul mates, who help us use our lifetimes to contribute our greatest good. I asked if my stepfather’s role was to – she stopped me there. She said she was so sorry that the little girl I’d been, had been violated, and that, no, the stepfather did not fulfill his highest potential, that he had chosen evil. However, that pain, she said, is my fuel – helping abused victims, and writing my books, and working to serve the theme of inspiring kids who have been abused, even if they’re adults by now.

So where does the soul mate come in? The ultimate soul mate is the one who waits for me – and for you – when we’ve embraced our lifes’ missions. That soul mate will hold us in grace, and support our greatest potential.

I ask Sue: It’s like the song from the Disney show Enchanted – how will I know?

She says we open the gateway to our intuition. Because intuition comes from your heart, not from your jabbering monkey mind.

I’m an 8. We’ve established that. At least two of the men I’ve cared for during my romantic life are 8’s – I seem to draw them! Using Sue’s definitions, I realize that one abused his power, dominated me, and used his powerful intuition to convince me that my intuition was wrong. Another 8 I have known, passionately embraces helping people in trouble – it is the focal point of his life. And, he insists that those he is involved with leave behind baggage, so they, too, use their power for their best.

Huge difference.

I love Sue’s work, so I highly recommend her book. For a quick reference, I’ll hit the numbers – the good and the bad. After all, Pythagoras laid them out initially: one is leadership or ignorance; two is intuition or paranoia; three is creative or cold-hearted; four is self-disciplined or too practical; five is passion or addictions; six is healer or slave to others’ needs; seven is spiritual focus or skeptical; eight, again, is powerful or abusive; and nine is humanitarian or blameful.

The other quality I love about Sue’s work – is its practicality. One exercise – Intuitive Dating, she calls it. You’re about to go on a date – write down your date’s name and birth-date. Put your hand over it, and quiet your monkey mind. Feel their energy. If it feels bad in your stomach, cancel the date. If it feels warm in your heart, go for it – you will enjoy!

You can even ask to see your future partner in your dreams. The key is to focus on yourself – and be the highest self you can be. She says you must be on that journey before your perfect soul mate is attracted.

With a formula like that, how can you miss! Focus on your soul mission – and your soul mate will be waiting for you. Bon voyage!

Diana Page Jordan an award-winning Broadcast Journalist, also an accomplished interviewer for a rich variety of media outlets, including AP Radio News, Barnes and Noble dot com, SiriusXM and Westwood One. Recently named in The Hottest Writing Group in Portland with Chuck Palahniuk, Chelsea Cain, Cheryl Strayed, Monica Drake and other professional writers.