The Thin Veil between the Realms

The veil between the realms is thinner than you think – thin and transparent. Close your eyes and feel it…

There was never a time when spirits didn’t speak to me, walk across my bedroom at night, or whisper in my ear. They speak to you as well. You’re just better able to dismiss it, more logically rooted in this physical world than I am – even though I’ve tried hard to ground myself in logical left-brain thinking.

Somewhere in my 1951 birthing there was probably a vast undiscovered damage to my perfect brain – so big and precise it nearly diminished my left mind and left me mostly connected to the heavenly realms.

From early on, there were radiant beings who spoke to me in the flower garden where my mother planted daisies – and departed saints who stood beside me every Sunday in Church. It’s a blessing I was Catholic; the Virgin Mary was a constant presence in my life so real that I spoke to her out loud. I prayed the rosary daily from the time I learned how.

The mysterious city of New Orleans made my gifts seem almost normal. My intuitive Creole mother, descended from a long line of psychic women, was strong enough to see what I needed and help me get firmly rooted here. She spent her afternoons teaching me letters, sounding out the words precisely and logically until I could develop my left-brain and read the pages. I was only three years old. It saved me. She believed I was gifted.

When I grew older and would hear what someone was going to say before they said it, time fell backwards and I withdrew. I’m sure I looked disturbed, troubled. I didn’t understand the laughter and why they couldn’t hear the whispers of those who stood around us. But I didn’t like crazy. I was way too strong for that.

So I hit the dirt. Sprang into survival mode. I learned to think logically – to follow from A to B, to ignore the visions and dreams. I didn’t want to disappoint my kind and logical father. I needed a paycheck. And when the whispers began to fade, I found myself an early career at the age of 20 teaching children to read and organize their left-brains – because that was what I needed. I became a Montessori pre-school teacher to heal myself.

If I’d only known all along I was here to just explain the world as I saw it – and not try to fit in or become like everyone else – I could have gotten my work done sooner. I’ve taken quite awhile to get this message to you, to help you realize the veil is thin, and that you came here on purpose with a mission. Yet this is the one thing I’ve always been sure of, and the gift I came to share.


  1. Diane Dearsan
    February 10, 2013

    How lovely to run across your site on Kerry Whitmires FB post tonight. I felt like you were telling my story in a way..I was born blue and not breathing in 1957..after much work.the doctors got me to breathe. I have always been..different..and known that I had special gifts and psychic abilities..they have unfolded ..stronger and stronger attention..I ‘m considered a some..healer..clairvoyant..and a senstive to the spirits of departed…I am honored and with deep respect..accept..the gifts…Look forward to reading more..All Good Wishes ..DIane

  2. susan stanfield
    March 17, 2013

    Hello: I read about your coaching info in an old magazine. People with abilities like you are being introduced into my life almost daily. I accepted my abilities as true only recently. I am now 56. As a child I was called demon-possessed, little witch, and had several exorcisms performed by church clergy at my parents request. Today, I am trying, and often failing, to build my self-efficacy. It’s like filling a glass vase with brightly-colored candy. I have a very long way to go to fill it to the top.
    What do you suggest I do to continue filling the vase and celebrating my gifts? I have no family or friends to surround me with
    encouragement. My life is always about giving, not receiving.
    Thank you, Susan Stanfield

    • suefrederick
      April 5, 2013

      Hi Susan,
      Congratulations for owning your higher intuitive self in the world boldly! The universe will reward you abundantly for speaking your soul’s wisdom. I’d suggest taking classes on intuition, reading books about it, and joining groups and classes with like-minded people. You need to create a new posse of friends who embrace this new form of spirituality (sometimes called metaphysics) and who support you in your learning journey.

      Many blessings,

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